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About  Ji Wen AP.DOM.

Ji Wen is a NCCAOM certified and Florida State licensed Acupuncture physician who initially graduated from Guangxi TCM University in China in 2010. He subsequently worked for 2 years in the Guangxi TCM University Hospital where he held the position of Acupuncture Doctor. He also underwent fellowship training on using acupuncture and Qigong to treat avascular necrosis as well as back and leg pain. He has been working in Oriental Therapy Center at 2014-2015/ 2018-now. He has been appointed as the first expert acupuncturist at Li Yang (励阳) clinic in NanNing, GuangXi, China since 2019. He also received a teaching offer from East West College of Natural Medicine in 2020.

He has a family history in medicine. His grandfather is the first graduate student from Guangxi Military Medical University , becoming a military doctor and a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. After the Chinese-Japanese war, his grandfather opened the “NewBorn”(新生) clinic in 1946. His grandmother was a gynecologist, his father is currently a practicing traditional Chinese medicine pediatrician, his mother is a practicing nurse, and his younger brother is a practicing orthopedic doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

He has over 10 years of clinical experience, focusing on pain management and muscular disorders. Using acupuncture, he can alleviate pain and numbness due to cervical spondylosis radiculopathy, avascular necrosis, back and leg pain, as well as sciatic pain. He also specializes in using scalp needles to treat post-stroke syndrome and Parkinson‘s disease. Since 2018 and under the guidance of Dongyun Liang, he has been using Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat infertility, frequent miscarriage, failed artificial insemination and failed in-vitro fertilization, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance, ovarian dysfunction, defective sperm, low sperm count, and sperm immobility.

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